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House of Chaos : Quantum Sorcery

13-01-2014 14:12

House of Chaos : Quantum Sorcery

Quantum Magick is a system that an individual can cause desired effects to be manifest in the physical world via the exertion of will. Also know as Chaos Magick.

Chaos Magick has its roots in every occult tradition and in the work of many individuals. If any one person can be said to have been responsible, albeit unintentionally, for the present climate of opinion that person would be Austin Osman Spare, whose magical system was based entirely on his image of himself and upon an egocentric model of the universe. He did not intend that the system he devised for his own use should be used by others since it was clear to him that no two individuals could benefit from the same system. Nor did he fall into the trap of presuming that the information revealed to or by him was pertinent to all mankind as all the messiahs did.


Aleister Crowley came to look upon him as a "black brother" purely because he refused to accept Crowley's Law of Thelema, preferring instead to work beyond dogmas and rules, relying on intuition and information uprooted from the depths of self.
The most recent public expression of Chaos Magick has been through the work of the Illuminates of Thanateros, an order which Pete Carroll and I initiated in 1978. Our aim at that time was to inspire rather than lead magicians interested in the Chaos concept by publishing ideas of a practical nature. Our approach differed to Spare's only insamuch as we were interested in group as well as solo magick. The response to our writings was much greater than we anticipated and by 1982 there were groups working in England, Australia, America, Egypt and Germany as well as allied groups such as the "Circle of Chaos" and many individuals working alone.



House of Chaos : Quantum Sorcery